Equine Wellness

The routine preventative health care program at Conaree Equine is designed to provide all the care needed to keep your horses healthy and promote overall equine wellness. We work with our clients, to design a vaccination and deworming program that fits their needs. This means being complete, cost effective, understandable and practical. Vaccinations, fecal exams, deworming programs, and dental care are all an integral part of this regimen.

New diseases, like West Nile, erupt and horses get older and may need additional services to ensure their health. A horse’s use and requirements may change over time. Dr. Smith understands this, and she makes it her goal to keep your preventative health care program up to date.

If your horse has not received bi-annual vaccinations in the past twelve months we encourage you to contact the clinic at 207-797-6000 for an appointment to bring the horse up to date.

Recent changes have been made to the nationally recommended standard, most specifically in the case of vaccinations for Flu-Rhino, EWT and West Nile, which were once given annually, are now being given twice a year in order to keep the horse’s immunity at optimum levels.

At Conaree Equine, the time honored, and client accepted, twice-a-year farm call remains the Gold Standard. With that in mind, we have designed the following vaccination program:

Biannually: EWT, West Nile, Flu-Rhino
Yearly: Rabies
Optional: Strangles, Potomac Horse Fever
At each visit: Physical examination, Review of deworming program, Fecal exam, Check teeth, and Nutritional consultation